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Jonas Reingold revealed on his Facebook page in early January that he is now working on a new album with Karmakanic.

Fans have been waiting since the summer of 2016 for a new album. Then came the critically acclaimed record DOT with songs like "Higher Ground" and "God the Universe and everything else no one really cares about".

Many artists have had time to work with new music during the corona in the year 2020. Jonas Reingold released an album with the Backstage earlier last year together with Craig Blundell and Rob Townsend. It will be very interesting to see if we will see any inspiration from the last years tournaments with Steve Hackett. 

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Jonas Reingold has joined forces with fellow Steve Hackett band members drummer Craig Blundell and multi-instrumentalist Rob Townsend to form a new band, The Backstage. The band will release their debut album, Isolation, through Reingold Records on September 25.

The band have released the first of several video trailers documenting their activities, which you can watch below. The project came together when the Steve Hackett USA tour, like all other live ventures this year, was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"On the way back we discussed what to do with the rest of this year and we recalled that we’d been jamming on things in dressing rooms and soundchecks to the “delight” of our fine soundman Ben Fenner," expalins Reingold. "Hey, why don’t we record some of that and make a CD, invite people that we like and call the project The Backstage. The Backstage was born.

"Here we are, five months later with this very CD in our hands. Yes, we all hate COVID-19 and feel sorry for all that have been sick, for all those who lost friends and family members in this tragedy, businesses that have gone bust, families that have been shattered. But this recording proves that you can turn things around in the darkest of times. COVID-19 kicked all our asses but we turned it into something creative and hopefully for you, something pleasant to listen to."

Unsurprisingly guests on Isolation read like a who's who of the modern prog world and include Steve Hackett, Nick Beggs, Marco Minnemann, Pat Mastelotto, Roine Stolt, Luke Machin, Andy Tillison, Tom Brislin, Roger King, Lalle Larson and more.

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Dear fellow brothers and sisters of humanity
It’s in good spirit I´m writing to you today. Not only because of your gracious contributions when we released the news about our project The Backstage (where we sold the 200 slots “get your name on the CD” in only 3 days), but also because of the Covid-19 situation here in Austria. Only 404 cases right now and only 9 in ICU. Maybe we can get back to some kind of normality soon if we keep on distancing, washing hands and behaving carefully.
I miss playing gigs, but doing The Backstage recording is very uplifting and inspiring. We’re starting to get all the guest files in and phew, can I tell you. It’s like Barcelona FC of Prog. I can assure you all that you will not get disappointed. We will reveal who, why and when in a near future.
I’ve also set up a Donate button on my page www.jonasreingold.se, in case you feel to contribute, besides getting the CD. Everything you can give will help us a lot. As I said previously, music is already a tough business, but when all the gigs are gone, it’s a dead business. So, thank you!
We are now starting to sell normal pre-orders of The Backstage “Isolation” and to express our gratitude to all of your help and contributions, we are releasing a brand new video today. We hope you enjoy it. 

To the VIDEO https://youtu.be/RsdyGpThOdwhere

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Do U Tango?

On Karmakanic's second album, Wheel of Life from 2003, you find an odd song called “Do U Tango”. More than seven minutes of fusion that requires concentrated listening. We asked Jonas Reingold about his thoughts when he wrote this song:
- Do U tango is a song that is pretty crazy! I wrote it because I wanted an element of the Mahavishnu Orchestra or Weather Report, something more in to the fusion direction. I had no ambition to make a popular song, but it turned out to be one of the more desired songs during our gigs. Those who listen to Karmakanic usually have it on their top-five list and that's why we run it on almost every gig.
- I am grateful that there is still an audience for songs that are a bit more difficult to digest and that it can take a while to learn, says Jonas Reingold.
So what do listeners say about the song? An excerpt from a review from ProgReport says:
“We were in two minds whether to include next song “Do U Tango?” in this list, because we do not want to frighten new listeners away with sheer instrumental virtuosity and crazed complexity. But we have faith in you, dear reader. Possibly the most complex performance on this list, the song only has two lines of lyrics, those being “Excuse me, do you want to tango? I want to dance” and “one, two, three, four”. The rest of it is a veritable tsunami of avant-garde instrumental insanity that could easily scare you away the first time you hear it. If it does, hang in there, and remember that the song is a parody that mocks simplistic dance music. The band’s prowess, speed and skill speak for themselves on this track.”

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Karmakanics band leader, Jonas Reingold, is on a global tour with former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett. Watch Jonas comments about playing at the classical Nalen in Stockholm and playing "Selling England by the pound". And a short clip from the concert in Stockholm.

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Jonas Reingold will tour with Steve Hackett during spring 2019. Listen to Jonas rehearsing Steve Hackett´s Under the Eye of the Sun from the latest album At the Edge Of Light

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Karmakanic released the album "Who's the Boss in the Factory?" On October 27, 2008 and is seen as one of the absolute highlights of their prodution.
One of the most beautiful rock songs written is Eternally Part I & II, written by Jonas Reingold in memory of his parents who died in a car accident the year before. A song as with a very sensitive accordion solo by Lelo Nika:
-          I wanted a solo musician who could play with the right feeling and Lelo Nika is a brilliant musician. Lalle Larsson, one of my favorite keyboard players, makes an equally delicate effort on Eternally I, says Jonas Reingold.
This is a song to enjoy and reflect around when Christmas is approaching. Thanks to Raul Rafael who produced this nice pictures to the song.

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Rick and I will do some travel this autumn. Come out and say hello to us!!!
With Steve Hackett and Orchestra;
Oct 1st Nottingham, UK...
Oct 3rd Manchester, UK
Oct 4th London, UK
Oct 5th Birmingham, UK
Oct 7th Gateshead, UK
Oct 8th Glasgow, UK
Oct 10th Ipswich, UK
Oct 11th London

With Roine Stolt and friends plays the Flower Kings:
Nov 16 Sao Paulo, Brazil
Nov 18 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nov 19 Santiago, Chile
Nov 21 Lima, Peru
Nov 23 Mexico City, Mexico
Nov 24 Guadalajara, Mexico

With Roine Stolt and friends plays the Flower Kings and
Spocks Beard:
Nov 30th Oslo, Norway
1st Dec Stockholm, Sweden
2nd Dec KB Malmö, Sweden
4th Dec Bochum, Germany
5th Dec Pratteln, Switzerland
6th Dec Paris, France
7th Dec Zoetermeer, The Netherlands
8th Dec Zwolle, The Netherlands
9th Dec London, UK
10th Dec Manchester, UK
With Steve Hackett:
Feb 4-9 Cruise To The Edge 2019
Feb 10-15 On The Blue Cruise 2019

With The Sea Within
Feb 4-9 Cruise To The Edge 2019
More to come...

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Listen to what Jonas Reingold has to say about the new cd with The Sea Within. Jonas is part of the new progressive band led by Roine Stolt. They have released their first record with the same name - The Sea Within. Here comes a part from the review in Prog Report:

Just consider this line-up: with Stolt are legendary skin-beater Marco Minneman (also singing and playing guitar), the one and only Jonas Reingold on bass, Renaissance’s Tom Brislin on keyboards/vocals and Pain of Salvation’s Daniel Gildenlöw on lead vocal and guitar. Flying Colors’ vocalist Casey McPherson appears on three songs and will be touring with the band. Add to this already intimidating list the names of guest artists Jon Anderson (yes, him), Jordan Rudess (yes, also him) and Steve Hackett’s woodwind player Rob Townsend, and you have a list of names that will draw collective, and very expectant, breath in Prog world. Talk about an “all-aboard” line-up. Wow – (or should I say ‘Ahoy’.)
Read the full review here -  https://progreport.com/the-sea-within-the-sea-within-album-review/

Below you can buy the record:

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Jonas Reingold is on tour with Steve Hackett. See video comment from a fantastic gig in Barcelona with a set of old Genesis songs.

I had the opportunity to meet Jonas before the concert and ask about the tour with Hackett. Jonas will play with Steve Hackett this season and unfortunately missed the  premiere show with Sea Within at Loreley in Germany this weekend.

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success in veruno, italy

There are many wonderful prog festivals to attend around the world and each is wonderful in its own way but 2DP+1 surely stands out as one of the best you could attend, as a concert-goer or performer. The surroundings are magnificent, the organization is peerless. Bodo Kubatzki took these lovely shots and said:
- It was a great concert in Veruno with Tangekanic! I really like Jonas Reingolds and Andy Tillison with band. They are great musicians and created a really good atmosphere at site.

 a glimpse from the concert in Poppodium De Boerderij - Zoetermeer by Danny Focke:

New dates on our eurotour

We can now present two new dates to our tour in Europe:
Sept 6 Oberhausen, Zentrum Altenberg
Sept 7 Verviers, Spirit of 66

Karmakanic and Tangent on tour

In August will Karmakanic and the Tangent team up for some European tour dates, hitting the road with a six-piece line-up that will perform the music of both bands. Common to both bands is Jonas Reingold whose career with The Flower Kings has been a major contribution to the progressive genre. Karmakanic have released 6 studio albums which Jonas has both composed and produced.
The Tangent led by keyboards player and singer Andy Tillison since 2003 have had a nine album career to date – and have no intention of stopping any time soon.

This year the two groups will tour together for the second time – featuring one stellar six piece line up that will play the music of both bands. This time the lineup will of course feature Andy & Jonas leading their respective bands – and the other musicians will be Luke Machin (Guitar), Marie Eve De Gaultier (Keyboards, Vocals), James Stewart (drums) and Goran Edman (Vocals). The music will be personal choices of the best that both bands have to offer from across the years.


Tour dates