karmakanic - the band

Karmakanic is a collective of musicians managed and coordinated by Jonas Reingold. Since the beginnings in 2002 many prolific and established musicians have been contributing their talent to the band. Karmakanic has always been about putting the music in the first room and the music has always been dictating who is playing where and what. This is evident in the extended list of players that have been part of the band over the years:

Göran Edman, Tomas Bodin, Roine Stolt, Zoltan Cszörsz, Jaime Salazar, Tomas Nyberg
Robert Engstrand, Johan Glössner, Diana Nunez, Inger Ohlén, Ola Hedén, Jacob Karlzon
Sal Dibba, Krister Jonsson, Richard Anderson, Hans Bruniesson, Helin Melin, Helge Albin
Alex Reingold, Lalle Larsson, Elias Källvik, Lelo Nika, Rob Palmen, Andy Tillison, Theo Travis, Sven Cirnski, Maria Rodrik, Nils Erikson, Andy Bartosh, Norah Reingold, Christine Lenk, Ray Aichinger, Morgan Ågren and finally Jonas Reingold