Pre-Order The Backstage “Isolation” - to be released Aug 28th

Dear fellow brothers and sisters of humanity
It’s in good spirit I´m writing to you today. Not only because of your gracious contributions when we released the news about our project The Backstage (where we sold the 200 slots “get your name on the CD” in only 3 days), but also because of the Covid-19 situation here in Austria. Only 404 cases right now and only 9 in ICU. Maybe we can get back to some kind of normality soon if we keep on distancing, washing hands and behaving carefully.
I miss playing gigs, but doing The Backstage recording is very uplifting and inspiring. We’re starting to get all the guest files in and phew, can I tell you. It’s like Barcelona FC of Prog. I can assure you all that you will not get disappointed. We will reveal who, why and when in a near future.
I’ve also set up a Donate button on my page www.jonasreingold.se, in case you feel to contribute, besides getting the CD. Everything you can give will help us a lot. As I said previously, music is already a tough business, but when all the gigs are gone, it’s a dead business. So, thank you!
We are now starting to sell normal pre-orders of The Backstage “Isolation” and to express our gratitude to all of your help and contributions, we are releasing a brand new video today. We hope you enjoy it. 

To the VIDEO https://youtu.be/RsdyGpThOdwhere