Do U Tango?

On Karmakanic's second album, Wheel of Life from 2003, you find an odd song called “Do U Tango”. More than seven minutes of fusion that requires concentrated listening. We asked Jonas Reingold about his thoughts when he wrote this song:
- Do U tango is a song that is pretty crazy! I wrote it because I wanted an element of the Mahavishnu Orchestra or Weather Report, something more in to the fusion direction. I had no ambition to make a popular song, but it turned out to be one of the more desired songs during our gigs. Those who listen to Karmakanic usually have it on their top-five list and that's why we run it on almost every gig.
- I am grateful that there is still an audience for songs that are a bit more difficult to digest and that it can take a while to learn, says Jonas Reingold.
So what do listeners say about the song? An excerpt from a review from ProgReport says:
“We were in two minds whether to include next song “Do U Tango?” in this list, because we do not want to frighten new listeners away with sheer instrumental virtuosity and crazed complexity. But we have faith in you, dear reader. Possibly the most complex performance on this list, the song only has two lines of lyrics, those being “Excuse me, do you want to tango? I want to dance” and “one, two, three, four”. The rest of it is a veritable tsunami of avant-garde instrumental insanity that could easily scare you away the first time you hear it. If it does, hang in there, and remember that the song is a parody that mocks simplistic dance music. The band’s prowess, speed and skill speak for themselves on this track.”