The Sea Within

Listen to what Jonas Reingold has to say about the new cd with The Sea Within. Jonas is part of the new progressive band led by Roine Stolt. They have released their first record with the same name - The Sea Within. Here comes a part from the review in Prog Report:

Just consider this line-up: with Stolt are legendary skin-beater Marco Minneman (also singing and playing guitar), the one and only Jonas Reingold on bass, Renaissance’s Tom Brislin on keyboards/vocals and Pain of Salvation’s Daniel Gildenlöw on lead vocal and guitar. Flying Colors’ vocalist Casey McPherson appears on three songs and will be touring with the band. Add to this already intimidating list the names of guest artists Jon Anderson (yes, him), Jordan Rudess (yes, also him) and Steve Hackett’s woodwind player Rob Townsend, and you have a list of names that will draw collective, and very expectant, breath in Prog world. Talk about an “all-aboard” line-up. Wow – (or should I say ‘Ahoy’.)
Read the full review here -  https://progreport.com/the-sea-within-the-sea-within-album-review/

Below you can buy the record: